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Table Of Contents

Welcome to Arch!
    Access Levels
    Purpose of the Guide

Accessing the Website
    Obtaining your Username and Password
    Forgot Your Password
    Changing Your Password

How do I search for Org/Location/AED/email

Managing AEDs
    How do I view list of AED’s?
    How do I view my AED’s details?
    How do I set new expiration dates for AED?
    How do I update AED’s placement information?
    How do I add/remove AED?
    How do I move AED from one location to another location?
    How do I report an AED Usage Event?

    Readiness Checks
        How do I perform a Readiness Check?
        What if my AED does not pass the Readiness Check?
        What happens if I accidentally failed a readiness check, but my unit is ok?
        How do I view my AED readiness check logs?
        How do I generate a report of all readiness checks for all the AEDs (Global Admins only)?

    Support Tickets
        What is Support Ticket and how do I create it?
        How do I view my Support Tickets?
        How do I close my Support Ticket?
        I have open support ticket and not able to perform AED readiness check?

    Audit Logs
        How do I view my AED’s Audit Logs?

Managing Locations
    How do I view my Location Address?
    How do I edit my Location name or address? (Global Admin only)
    How do I add/delete existing Location?
    How do I view the AEDs under my Location?
    How do I view the responders under my Location?
    How do I add local admin for my location?
    How do I remove local admin for my location?

    Documents and Attachments
        How do I find my prescription?
        How do I find my policies manual?
        How do I find my PSAP/EMS form(s)?

Managing Responders
    How do I view responder details?
    How do I edit responder details? (Global Admin only)
    How do I add Responders (Global Admin only)
    How do I disable Responders (Global Admin only)

    Managing Training records
        How do I add Training Record?
        How do I edit my training record?
        How do I remove my Training Record?

Customizing email notification schedule
    How do I customize Reminder Schedule?
    How do I customize Alert Schedule?
    How do I customize Equipment Schedule?
    How do I customize Training Schedule?

Replacing and Updating Equipment
Ordering through Arch
Updating Equipment

    How do I generate expiring equipment report for the AEDs (Global Admins only)?