Managing AEDs

We pride ourselves on the user friendly layout of Arch. Everything in Arch starts from the Arch Home Page. This is the first page you see after you log in. You can always get back to the “Home Page” by clicking “Home” at the top.

As shown above, below the map are the “AED Units,” “Locations,” and “Responders” tab. Clicking any of these will bring up a list of either your AED units, Locations, or Responders depending on which one you select. From there, all you have to do is click on the Responder, AED unit, or Location you wish to view.

How do I view list of AED’s?
How do I view my AED’s details?
How do I set new expiration dates for AED?
How do I update AED’s placement information?
How do I add/remove AED?
How do I move AED from one location to another location?

Readiness Checks
How do I perform a Readiness Check?
What if my AED does not pass the Readiness Check?
What happens if I accidentally failed a readiness check, but my unit is ok?
How do I view my AED readiness check logs?

Support Tickets
What is Support Ticket and how do I create it?
How do I view my Support Tickets?
How do I close my Support Ticket?
I have open support ticket and not able to perform AED readiness check?

Audit Logs
How do I view my AED’s Audit Logs?

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