How do I perform a Readiness Check?

  1. You can perform an AED Readiness Check by clicking on the “orb” on the map (“Home” page) pertaining to the location you wish to check.
  2. Then click on “Perform Check” as shown below.
  3. HowDoIPerformAReadinessCheck

  4. On the next page click on the “orb” under the Readiness column pertaining to the particular AED for which you are performing a check.
  5. HowDoIPerformAReadinessCheck-Step2

  6. Once on the “AED Readiness” page, simply answer all four questions and click “Save”.
  7. HowDoIPerformAReadinessCheck-Step3

  8. If all 4 questions are answered as Yes, then Arch will consider it as a successful readiness check.
  9. What if my AED does not pass the Readiness Check? Check here
  10. What happens if I accidentaly failed a readiness check, but my unit is ok? Check here

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